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Restores the HP of one Pokémon by 20 points. Prevents weak wild Pokémon from appearing for 100 steps after its use. Prevents weak wild Pokémon from appearing for 200 steps after its use. Escape instantly from a cave or a dungeon. Full Heal 600 ■ Cures all status ailments. Great Ball 600 ● Max Repel 700 ■ Super Potion 700 ● Hyper Potion 1,200 ▲ Ultra Ball 1,200 ■ Revive 1,500 ▲ Max Potion 2,500 ◆ Full Restore 3,000 ★ A Ball that provides a higher Pokémon catch rate than a standard Poké Ball. Prevents weak wild Pokémon from appearing for 250 steps after its use.

4 5 6 Trainer Info Shows how far you’ve come as a Trainer. You can check which Gym Badges have been obtained and other data. Save Tap here to save your game. Be sure to save often. Options Adjust the gameplay options to your liking. Pokémon Tap "POKÉMON" on the menu to see a list of your current party Pokémon. You can also view more info about your Pokémon or use field moves, such as Fly or Flash. To use these field moves, just select a Pokémon, then the move. What you can do with the party Pokémon screen SUMMARY SWITCH Shows where you caught the Pokémon, its moves, its stats, and more.

For example, the sign of people born in January is Sawsbuck, and it's Simipour for people born in February. All of the Pokémon star signs you see in the TV show are listed here. What's your sign? January Sawsbuck Bouffalant June Klink September Gothorita October Lampent March Alomomola July Crustle November Scolipede April Whimsicott August Braviary December Fraxure primer for pokémon training February Simipour May Electric bulletin board ● Electric Bulletin Board Info Genre Weather Information Program Name When you go from a city with a gate to another city, information about the weather on that route will be displayed.

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