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By Boris A Atayants

This booklet describes equipment for making radar measurements of brief distances in functions the place actual touch with fabrics is impractical.

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The third component σ D2F is connected with the maintenance of the unchanged value of the FM sweep of the transmitter. This is a rather complicated scientific and engineering problem. The modern FMCW oscillators are based on the principle of the varactor FM sweep [13, 14]. The nonlinearity of the MC is principally peculiar to such oscillators. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately settle the required FM sweep for the analog way of providing modulation. Often, it is not required at all because the device calibration is usually provided.

Bull. No. 4. Filed August 20, 1997; published October 2, 1999. Atayants, B. , “Noise Problem and Non-Linearity of Transmitter Modulation Characteristic in Precision Industrial Short-Range FMCW Radar Systems,” Uspekhi sovremennoi radioelektroniki, No. 3, 2008, p. 3–29. ] Patent No. 2159923 (Russian Federation). INT. CL. G01F 23/284. “Radar Level-Meter,” B. A. Atayants, V. V. Ezerskiy, and A. I. Smutov. No. 99104759/28. Bull. No. 33. Filed March 4, 1999; published November 27, 2000. Atayants, B. , “Adaptive Frequency-Modulated Level-Meter,” Radar Technology, Navigation and Communication: Proceedings of VI Intern.

Moreover, the circuit itself of extreme determination inserts the abovementioned inaccuracy due to its own errors and noise presence. 48) From the obtained equation, it follows that owing to the joining error, the DC component arises in the discrete error, in which value is proportional to the phase shift and essentially exceeds the values of the above-mentioned components. Thus, the phase shift value of the tenth parts of a half-period becomes the range measurement error in the tenth parts of the QI, while the relative truncation error is of the hundredth parts.

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