Pro .NET 4 Parallel Programming in C# by Adam Freeman PDF

By Adam Freeman

Parallel programming has been revolutionised in .NET four, offering, for the 1st time, a standardised and simplified strategy for developing strong, scalable and trustworthy multi-threaded purposes. The Parallel programming beneficial properties of .NET four enable the programmer to create purposes that harness the facility of multi-core and multi-processor machines. less complicated to exploit and extra robust than "classic" .NET threads, parallel programming permits the developer to stay occupied with the paintings an program must practice.

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Sleep() method will block until the time specified has elapsed and only then check the cancellation status. In this simple example, this means that the task continues to exist, albeit asleep, for up to 10 seconds after the token has been cancelled. info CHAPTER 2 ■ TASK PROGRAMMING Using Spin Waiting The spin waiting technique is included in this chapter for completeness, but I recommend against using it. When you use the other two sleep techniques, the thread that is performing your task gives up its turn in the schedule when its sleeping, so any other threads can have a turn.

Press enter to finish. The IsCompleted property will return true if the Task has completed and false otherwise. The IsFaulted property returns true if the Task has thrown an exception and false if it has not or if the Task has been cancelled. The IsCanceled property returns true if the Task has been cancelled. NET Framework will escalate the exceptions. By default, this means that the unhandled exceptions will be thrown again when your Task is finalized and cause your program to be terminated. Because you don’t know when the finalizer will be called, you won’t be able to predict when this will happen.

WaitAll() trigger method. One shortcoming of this approach to handling exceptions is that there is no obvious way of correlating exceptions that have been thrown to the task that threw them. Source property is used to indicate that task1 is the source of the ArgumentOutOfRangeException. Using an Iterative Handler Generally, you will need to differentiate between the exceptions that you were expecting and the ones that are unexpected and you need to propagate. The AggregateException class provides the Handle() method, which allows you to specify a function delegate that will be called for each exception.

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