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By Ian Griffiths

With this electronic Early free up variation of Programming C# 5.0, you get the full booklet package in its earliest shape - the author's uncooked and unedited content material - so that you can make the most of this content material lengthy earlier than the book's professional unlock. you are going to additionally obtain updates whilst major adjustments are made, in addition to the ultimate e-book model. With its aid for dynamic programming, C# 5.0 maintains to adapt as a flexible language by itself. but if C# is used with .NET Framework 4.5, the combo is very strong. This bestselling instructional exhibits you the way to construct net, laptop, Metro and wealthy web functions utilizing C# 5.0 with .NET's database services, UI framework (WPF), huge conversation prone (WCF), and extra.

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NET Framework class library tends to avoid them, as should you if you are writing a library designed for use from multiple languages. A runtime such as the CLR that supports multiple languages faces a tradeoff between offering a type system rich enough to cover most languages’ needs, and forcing an overcomplicated type system on simple languages. NET’s type system, the CTS, is reasonably 4 Strictly speaking, this is only guaranteed for correctly-aligned 32-bit types. However, C# aligns them correctly by default, and you’d normally only encounter misaligned data in interop scenarios, which are discussed in chapter 22.

Info O’Reilly Media, Inc. 3/13/2012 Checked contexts C# defines the checked keyword, which you can put in front of either a statement or an expression, making it a checked context. This means that certain arithmetic operations, including casts, are checked for range overflow at runtime. OverflowException. As well as checking casts, a checked context will also detect range overflows in ordinary arithmetic. Addition, subtraction, and other operations can take a value beyond the range of its data type.

However, both descriptions are simplistic, even though they happen to be true for this particular example. Example 2-16. info O’Reilly Media, Inc. 3/13/2012 C# recognizes many different kinds of statements. The first three lines of Example 2-16 are declaration statements, statements which declare and optionally initialize a variable. The fourth and fifth lines are expression statements (and we’ll be looking at expressions shortly). But some statements have more structure than the ones in this example.

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