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By Yu. Puchkova

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I4&enyou wakeup, at the foot of Lhe stairs,you see that you are actuallyinside a hellish chamberAnd in it standsyour foe, the Nightmare Master, surroundedby the tomented wails of the manysoulsstill lost in his evil dreamworld. The Guardianattacksyou without mercy,and his mysticweapons have the power to blight your fate Eachtime you lose an Attack Round you must dedr-rct1 point Fom your rucx, whetheryou losesraMrNAor not. NICHTMAREMASTER SKILL 9 STr {M IN ^ 9 If youwirl tumto 36r. ' You reply that it is At this,shesLares at you inLently 'And and asks, how long have you had this need to identifylhingsTYou havehadenoughof this stupidily.

Words have been worked into the top of the gate, forming a riddle; they read: 'Reflectorand reflected,one obscuresthe other (or entry' Will you tum lhe hardle in lhe sun (turn to 254)or the handlein Lhemoon(Lumlo 264)? But last year we had a change of ownership,and with it came an improvementin quality ThelasttwelvemonthshavebeenmosLsuccess 6rl, with Lhecircusspreadingi[s own particularbrand of entertainmentacrossGallantariaHaving played the villages,we are now moving on to the towns One day,we hope to play the Court in RoyalLendleitself' The clown's ilinerary soundsmore like a war-plan lhan a touringscheduleto you.

Your alreadysodden clothesarenow cakedwilh swampmud But dil| is the leastof your troubles;theHaggwortareconvergingon lhe beieagueredtown. Will you make for Hustings (Lumto 367)or Lhestran8etower (tum lo r42), or do you prefer to conLinueacrosslhe moorland(turn to 6)1 ' 169 Descendinga long, wide staircase,you come to a crossroads. l) Will you go: North? South? West? Tum to ro6 Tum lo 266 Tum io r22 Turn to r44 r70 You reaci into your packand take out a skin of orl (crossit ofl your,4/ueniure Sfiezf)You arestill trying to set the oil alight when the Slygorespils a quivering gout of liquid blackmessat you.

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