For University Teachers

Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy supports the universities in the region in becoming world leading in the field of entrepreneurship education. The Academy supports development of new subjects and courses in the field of entrepre­neurship at the member universities. The support involves among other things conceptualization and marketing of courses.   

Conferences and promotional events

The Academy arranges events such as conferences, seminars and workshops to promote and present the most up-dated knowledge in the field of entrepreneur­ship education. The events are also meant to be inspiring meeting places for anyone engaged or interested in entrepreneurship education, giving participants the opportunity to discuss and share ideas as well as establish new contacts and network.   

Teach the teacher workshops

Workshops are tailored to give teachers an overview of different methods and pedagogical tools for teaching entrepreneurship. The Academy believes that entrepreneurship can most efficiently be taught by using a mix of different methods including a practical dimension, interdisciplinary teaching, student participation and an international dimension. The workshops introduce these methods and how the methods may be applied whilst securing a high theoretical and academic level. 

Morning Entrepreneurial Education Encounters

These are regular morning meetings where teachers and entrepreneurs can meet for breakfast, presentations, networking, discussion, and reflection.

Entrepreneurship education is the key word, and the purpose is for the participants to become inspired for their own teaching, and to meet other entrepreneurship enthusiasts.


In order for teachers to develop their competencies further, Oresund Entrepre­neurship Academy provides assistance concerning course outlines, curriculum, literature, study materials, development of the courses and various tools within pedagogical teaching methods 


The Academy offers access to a wide network of people involved in entrepre­neurship teaching as well as established entrepreneurs. In this network contacts can be made with people from both business and academia, regional as well as international. 


The Academy funds development of entrepreneurship courses based at universi­ties in the Oresund Region and gives financial support to courses in their primary phases as well as support to the applicants in the form of knowledge, network and practical aid during the application process. The projects must involve part­ners from both Denmark and Sweden.


Study Excursions

Among the ways in which Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy seeks to inspire and promote best practice within entrepreneurship teaching is to give educators and other university staff the opportunity of participating in study excursions to leading universities, entrepreneurship academies and organizations around the world. The Academy is able to sponsor a limited number of seats.

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