Intrapeneurship and Innovation – A Practical Approach

The course will provide a first hand learning experience regarding the strategic and managerial problems and opportunities encountered by SME’s but will also provide participants with a greater practical understanding of the processes and management challenges associated with the management of innovation and strategic change in SME´s.

Most students start their career by working for someone else. At the outset, this might mean working on other people’s projects, but before long the newly employed start to have own ideas and want their employer to entrust them with the autonomy and resources (cash, people etc) to work on them. In this course the students will try out their capabilities and specialized knowledge in a real live setting. This will include exposure of the students to the challenge and experience of hands-on practical application, also testing the applicability of their academic skills.

The internship and project work will engage participants in a team driven process comprising the company, a faculty advisor, and the student. The aim is to combine the student’s state-of-the-art management techniques with practical application to deliver solutions to a real business issue. During the process the student will function more as a traditional consultant than an intern, providing value by working with a problem defined by the company.

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