Oresund Region

The Oresund Region is formed by the southern part of Sweden and the eastern part of Denmark and covers 21,000 square kilometers.

The population of the Oresund region amounts to 3,6 million with 2,4 million people in Denmark and 1,2 million in Sweden. Between southern Sweden and eastern Denmark lies the Oresund Sound. The Sound overlooks Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, and the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

The education level is relatively high in the Oresund Region; about 150,000 students, 6,500 PhD students and 14,000 researchers either study or work at the 12 universities in the Region. 85 % of the population speaks English and many people also speak German, Spanish, or French.

Some interesting facts about the Oresund Region:

Nothing is more than 90 minutes away by car – no matter where you are in the Region.

There are more than 90 golf courses in the Region – 20 of which are International Championship rated.

Copenhagen is among the ten most popular conference cities in the world.

Travel time by train between Copenhagen Airport and Malmö is only 22 minutes – and between
Copenhagen and Malmö only 35 minutes.


For large conferences and summit meetings, Copenhagen has more than 21,000 hotel beds.

The Oresund Region has no fewer than eight restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide.

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