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The realm of very popular mindset has a lot of dropped hanging fruit that you might decide on for a school assignment concepts. Explore verifying or debunking generally speaking retained facts will help make interesting matters for research study reports. For example, do people essentially just use fifteenPercentfifteen five within their mental power up? How is analyzed? Does a “upbeat attitude” quite correlate with considerably better most cancer success? Are consumers genuinely “rendered brained” or “privilege brained”?

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Venturing into software business

The aim of the course is that the student should be able to develop and present a business plan for a new, software-based business. The business plan should follow the guidelines from the course literature. The student should be able to relate the presented business plan to relevant theories and methods from the course literature. And the student should be able to critically evaluate the business idea and the business plan.

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Tools for the Management of Innovation

The course will provide students with a broad vision of tools available to detect technological opportunities in the environment and manage the process of turning a new idea into a new product. It will also give comprehensive knowledge on how to use technology forecasting, technology and innovation audit, lead user, patent analysis and portfolio management, etc.  

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The Entrepreneurial Process and Opportunity Recognition

The course is a master level course and a compulsory part of the masters program, Entrepreneurship. The course can be studied within the Business Administration and Economics programme, the International Business Administration and Economics programme and the Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics – Program.

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Technology Assessment

The course will be initiated by an introduction to technology assessment and recent developments within this area. This is followed by an introduction to relevant technology assessment disciplines, including: system description, economic and financial feasibility studies, risk assessment, systems analysis, market analysis, impact assessment and technology assessment. Moreover the student will be introduced to methods that interact users and other stakeholders for assessing the implementation and consequences of new technologies, including scenario analysis and other interactive foras.

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Social Entrepreneurship – Using Blended Value Strategies to Transform the Non-profit Sector

Why study the “not for profit” sector in a (for profit) business school? In short there are three reasons: non-profits drive innovation, NGOs hold increasing power over for profit firms, and the social sector has become a motor of growth and job creation.

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Entrepreneurial management and development university