Project Funding

Several times a year Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy awards funds to development of entrepreneurship courses. The funds can be applied for by anyone associated with one on the Oresund University member universities. In the application process the Academy offers help and advice with regard to both knowledge, contacts to new partners and practical matters. The projects must include collaboration with partners in both Denmark and Sweden and the projects are co-financed exclusively.

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For University Teachers

Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy supports the universities in the region in becoming world leading in the field of entrepreneurship education. The Academy supports development of new subjects and courses in the field of entrepre­neurship at the member universities. The support involves among other things conceptualization and marketing of courses.   

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Use a member

Go to find members. Here you will find the competencies which the members are categorized under. Choose the competency which best covers your requirements and press find member. Here you will see the members that have your chosen competency amongst their top-3 competencies. Among other things you will be able to see contact information which you can utilize in case this person suits your purpose.

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