Private Equity & Hedge Funds

The course is a joint University of Copenhagen Department of Economics/Faculty of Law graduate venture introducing students to key aspects of private equity and hedge funds.
The is designed be interest law, economics, finance policy, emphasizing interrelationships between disciplines field study.

Students completing this course gained workings practices funds regulatory, economic, corporate governance public policy implications growth industry. Students will also have had an opportunity to study with fellow other departments academic fields departments, well as gaining insights perspectives external speakers from portfolio companies regulators.

To obtain grade, students should demonstrate through their written project work oral examination micro macro aspects alternative investment industry, private equity hedge funds, in broad terms and or thorough understanding a particular topic within overall framework of the course.

On a macro level, students should demonstrate a thorough understanding of industry drivers, such as the growth in savings deployable, the effects of corporate governance and regulation on the attractiveness of private versus public capital as well public policy issues such as transparency, any systemic risks associated with financial innovation and in particular the trading and transfer of risks and taxation.

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