Project Funding

Several times a year Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy awards funds to development of entrepreneurship courses. The funds can be applied for by anyone associated with one on the Oresund University member universities. In the application process the Academy offers help and advice with regard to both knowledge, contacts to new partners and practical matters. The projects must include collaboration with partners in both Denmark and Sweden and the projects are co-financed exclusively.



Who can apply?

Any employee at the 12 universities under Oresund Univerisity may apply for funding.

What can you apply for?

You can apply for means to cover development expenses in connection with establishment of a new entrepreneurship course as well as further development of an existing course. Expenses for course development, teach-the-teacher activities, development of new course material, collaboration across Oresund, and marketing of the course may be included in development costs. Remember co-financing (appr. 50%).

How do I find a partner?

On this homepage under the menu Find a teacher  you can find teachers at other universities in the region or search under Minerva Bridge to find teachers form business. Of course, Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy also assists in establishing contacts on both sides of Oresund.

Must I collaborate across Oresund?

Yes! When you apply, you must remember to find a partner in the other country. Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy is of course willing to help you with this.

Can I apply for funds for running a course?

You can only apply for means for development of courses. We don not finance running of courses or research.

Can I get help from Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy?

Yes! We will help you with the course. You can get tips about course material, relevant lecturers, suitable collaboration organisations and external lecturers from business. We can also help you with contacts to lecturers in the region with experience in the field that your course will be dealing with. Finally, we also offer to give guest lectures ourselves.

Can student organisations apply?

Yes!  Student organisations can apply for limited funds for campaigns and events which develop the entrepreneurial culture among students.

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