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Entrepreneurial Project

The course is a master level course and a compulsory part of the masters program, Entrepreneurship. The course can be studied within the Business Administration and Economics programme, the International Business Administration and Economics programme and the Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics – Programme.

The course focuses on the development of a real-life business project. Based on an action-oriented pedagogy the course is designed to let students initiate and carry out a genuine entrepreneurial project, with the possibility to form a company at the end of their master’s year. The overall objective is to provide students with actionable knowledge of how to successfully commercialize a new venture idea into a viable business. As such the course will motivate and encourage students to use their knowledge and skills in practice. The course will also enable reflections about the development of a new business concept in a team setting.

At the beginning of the course students are introduced to project management and lectures are given in how two write a business plan. After this introduction students are expected to work on their respective projects with support from their mentor and academic supervisor. The project work is carried out in teams of three students. The students working together on a project are expected to make formal presentations of their progress at three “board meetings” during the project. The final business plan is handed in at a final presentation in front of external stakeholders.

Basic ideas and concepts for the business projects are supplied by the course management. Students are encouraged to work on personal business ideas that they have come up with. However, all projects must be approved by course management.