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Entrepreneurship & Innovation I

The goal of the course is to introduce the basics of innovation and entrepreneurship from a practical perspective. The course will be highly concentrated and interactive employing external speakers, class discussions and required reading.

The course sets out some tools and processes typically used in the market for alternative investments and will prepare students for Entrepreneurship & Innovation II, in which students prepare business plans as group projects.

Grading will be based on a mid term take home paper and a final take home paper. Class participation is required.

Students taking this course may be future entrepreneurs themselves or keen to learn more in preparation for a career in alternative investments, corporate finance, consulting and business development.

External speakers and contributors in previous courses included: SCS, Novozymes, Norventum Capital, Northzone Ventures, IDG Ventures, Venture Cup, Connect Denmark, HSH Gudme, Accura, EcoXPac, Sapio, Lifecycle Pharma, Dentofit and Atomistix.