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Culture, Networks and Communities

Strategic Market Management constitute the foundation of the program. This means that the issues, terms and concepts that are introduced during the course will be further explored and elaborated during courses that run concurrently or subsequently during the first and the second semester. Course content

In the first part of the course, we discuss the future of marketing?s role in market creation processes considering the ever increasing occurrence and dynamics of business relationships and networks in industrial and consumer markets. This discussion is guided by the following type of questions: what constitutes a market, a business relationship, and a network? Why do business networks emerge in a market, and how can companies make use of them in market creation processes? Thereafter, in the second part of the course, the focus is on the private consumer and his/her increasing inclination ?to be on-line?. We discuss, by reference to exemplars/cases from ?the one-line world?, the following type of questions: Why do consumers create virtual communities? How can we understand and make use of ?on-line networks and communities? in market creation processes? At last, in the third part of the course, the emphasis is on ?organizational culture?. During this part of the course, we explore and discuss ?why? it is important to understand the core characteristics of a company?s culture, and ?how? we can understand, develop and change it. Thus, the course deals with the following themes:

  • Business relationships, networks and communities
  • Consumer communities and relationships with suppliers
  • The organisational cultural context of marketing