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Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy is established for the 11 universities in the region to develop and make use of the opportunities of growth through start-up companies and innovation in the established businesses. The academy helps to fufill the regional and national ambitions of knowledge, independence and expansion. We will increase the level of ambition and focus on entrepreneurship education at the 11 universities under the Oresund University. This will be done through deeply rooted practices and close relations to the regions facilitated organisations.
Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy will be an international recognized academy in entrepreneurship. It will unite the regions strength and create a strong collaboration between the educational institutions in the Oresund region and supply competitive education in entrepreneurship.

Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy will contribute to the creation of values in the region by increasing the number of students who start businesses and create innovation in established companies. It will give them the best possible proficiency for making and running a successful business.
The Oresund Region should be founded as an international cornerstone in entrepreneurship education and research. It aims to use international best practices and to work with a creative business mind.



The idea of the Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy is based and will build on the following conditions:


A project under Oresund University built upon Danish-Swedish cooperation, well anchored in the respective milieus.
The academy must contribute to enabling a practically founded entrepreneurial dimension for as many lines of study as possible within Oresund University. An initiative that is supported by the academy must be practically suited so that it operates in close collaboration with both small and large businesses, innovation milieus and research parks.
The academy must ensure that the students, through their own efforts, gain the most exposure to entrepreneurship as possible during their stay at the university by following the best possible courses! This requires coordination, evaluation and an upgrading of the courses offered – something that is the focus of academia, students and politicians alike.


Today, most universities and institutions of higher learning in the Oresund Region offer courses in entrepreneurship. However, there is still considerable variation in the level of effort and what is offered at the different institutions. A coordinated effort of the region’s current courses offered will therefore benefit the educational institutions and students alike, by which a strong collaboration – also in the field of developing new courses/lines of study – can also be created. In this way, Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy must endeavour to unite the strong competences and experience in entrepreneurial training that the region’s institutions of higher learning represent. The goal is to create an academy that is firmly rooted in the Oresund Region, which with a starting point in the existing educational institutions will be capable of developing and providing new lines of study in the field of entrepreneurship. This is to take place in close interaction with those involved in the region’s business community, such as the OECD, in which politicians and students have expressed interest. It is also the desire of those involved that the Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy attempt to create cooperation and seek international cooperation from outside the region.


The goal is as follows:

To establish an internationally recognised academy for entrepreneurship, which unites transnational forces and creates strong cooperation between the universities in the Oresund Region in order to provide competitive training and education in the field of entrepreneurship.
That the academy contributes to the creation of wealth in the region by increasing the number of students who start their own businesses, contribute to innovation and become well-established; and to provide the students with the best possible skills needed to run a successful and knowledge-intensive business based in the Oresund Region.
That the academy, in a constructive manner, becomes an integral part of the innovation milieu that is built up on both sides of Oresund, so that added value is created for all parties involved.


The region has great potential, but at present, this potential remains unrealised. That is why an initiative like that of the Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy is a necessary tool in coordinating and promoting opportunities. The intention should thus be that Oresund University, over time and through the Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy, emerges as an international ‘hotbed’ for innovative and growth-based entrepreneurship, where the whole world – and especially students, but also the research community – look to Oresund for inspiration when it comes to practice and visions brought to life. Naturally, it is therefore also important that the Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy allow itself to be inspired by international best practice. It should also be a constant objective to build from the Oresund Region and its unique possibilities, framework and culture.


Finally, the Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy must focus on meeting the students where they are and with the needs they have. This is especially true with respect to starting off from great eagerness, passion, ingenuity and cooperative approach, which are characteristics of the region’s student body. The academy must endure and ensure long-term and constant development and the increase of entrepreneurial efforts among Oresund University’s member institutions.

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